Hello, I'm Santiago!

I build comprehensive web projects that look, feel and perform amazingly.

I'm a senior full stack developer, entrepreneur & consultant.

I like solving challenges using modern web technologies & creative thinking. I design, implement & deliver high quality user experiences.

Santiago Forero Molano


I like to build beautiful interfaces that are simple, clean and easy to use; along with information systems that are modular, easy to maintain and optimized for the relevant use cases. Take a look at some of the projects i've worked on below.

The Last Hunt
The Last Hunt
Replatform of a technology platform for a sportsware retailer from Shopify to a composable architecture.
Cymax Group
Replatform of a technology and logistics services platform for furniture vendors and retailers from a monolith to a composable architecture.
Swift Loan
Swift Loan
A website for a mortgage loan company, it was built from scratch with Next.js, Lottie, API connections for live products & rates and a super engaging lead form.
Time Tunnel
Time Tunnel
The TRIUMF Time Tunnel is an interactive timeline that shares TRIUMF's history of 50 years of discovery and innovation.
Klaus Market
Klaus Market
Klaus Market is a platform for creating websites with unique user experiences, fast time to market and omnichannel managment.
Libbey Food Service
Libbey Food Service
Libbey Food Service is 200+ years old glass company focused on producing the worlds finest tableware.
Klaus Market Dashboard
Klaus Market Dashboard
Klaus Market dashboard is a CMS for managing websites, it allows pages, content, media managing & much more.
Arcade Challenge
Arcade Challenge
Arcade challenge was a game where you have to collect coins to get points & trade them into prizes.
Personal Website
Portfolio Website
The website you’re seeing right now. Designed to look and feel awesome while having blazing fast loading speeds.
Loromoro is a Colombian company that produces t-shirts and other products from recycled pet plastics.

Work Experience

My developer journey started 12 years ago, since then these are some of the places i've worked.

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Senior Software Developer

2023 ~ Now
As a senior software developer, i participate in solution architecture design, technology reasearch, implementation and support of north america's biggest retailer's composable ecommerce systems.
Healthcare Data Solutions

Senior Full-stack Developer

2023 ~ Now
As a senior software developer, i work on libraries, interfaces and services to provide solutions for health care institutions.

Consultant, Mentor & Developer

2022 ~ 2022
As a development mentor, i have done consulting, planning and development for many clients. I have also supervised the dev team for a company i co-funded.
Swift Loan

Full Stack Developer

2021 ~ 2022
As a part of the dev team, i led the development of the application's frontend, backend and oversaw the application's devops.
Klaus Solutions S.A.S.

Chief Product Officer

2020 ~ 2021
Built a platform as a service application, that allows users to deploy highly customized designs & experiences for information & ecommerce websites. Developed the website engine, the CMS, the frontend and backend and integrated a bunch of apis.
Obec Studio

Creative Director

2017 ~ 2020
Developed the multimedia strategies for a niche clothing and cards company. Implemented an ecommerce website, social marketing channels and maintained the company’s online presence.

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I will try to keep posting about new technologies and cool concepts.

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